Super Power – Chapter 3416

Chapter 3416  Three Palms

Moon God coldly said, “You do not need to talk so much crap. We don’t owe each other favors anymore. If Wan’er had not begged for your life, I would not have cared if you had died right in front of me.”“In that case, I will return the favor for Wan’er,” Qin Xiu said.

“How dare you speak her name,” Moon God coldly said. “If I knew you would turn out to be such a heartless person, I would have rather upset her than save your life.”

Han Sen now understood why Moon God wanted to fight Qin Xiu. Qin Xiu wanted to revive his real sister, Qin Wan’er. The Witch Wan’er was Qin Wan’er reincarnated, but she was not Qin Wan’er.

The reborn Qin Wan’er, who had the soul of the Witch Wan’er, was sacrificed. That was something the Witch and Moon God could not accept.

Qin Xiu’s personality was, at the very least, one with a lot of determination. The Witch Wan’er was super nice to him, but he was still really stubborn about wanting to revive Qin Wan’er. He did not hesitate to sacrifice the Witch version of Wan’er.

Han Sen could not tell if Qin Xiu was right or wrong in this, but to Witch Wan’er, Qin Xiu was a sinful man.

“If Moon God wants to punish Qin Xiu, please do it,” Qin Xiu coldly said. “I will not fight back.”


“Good. I want to see what you have spent the past many years learning. I want to see how you can dare say what you are saying directly in front of me.” Moon God looked very cold. She waved her hand and looked as if she was going to palm Qin Xiu.

Moon God and Qin Xiu were a few thousand feet apart. Moon God was not fast. She pushed her palm out slowly. It did not seem scary, and there did not seem to be a powerful light carrying it.

“This palm is called Ice.” Her palm was like jade or crystal. It was like it had been made from an ice-jade statue. It was so pretty that it was heavenly. It was like the best product of the earth.

People would have thought that palm was like light. It seemed powerless. It did not touch Qin Xiu. It was a few thousand feet away from him. It did not look like a threatening move. They thought Moon God was not going to be able to hurt Qin Xiu.

Han Sen’s eyes suddenly turned bright. He saw the real behavior of the Cold Sutra. His Jadeskin came from Moon God’s Cold Sutra. People could not see the amazing thing they should have witnessed, but he could.

With Moon God’s powerless palm in the air, Qin Xiu’s body formed frost. He was frozen in ice and jade. He became an ice-jade statue.

Han Sen thought the sheep fairy’s hollow structure was amazing. Compared to Moon God, the sheep fairy’s hollow structure was far inferior.

Moon God’s ice-jade structure was mysterious. It was like it was forever crystal. Even the world’s strongest power would not be able to break her ice-jade seal.

The ice-jade crystal was also using a special way to minimize itself. The freezing power became deeper, and the ice jade became more concentrated.

If this continued, Qin Xiu’s body would become dust because of the ice jade.

In the next second, Han Sen heard a “katcha” noise. The so-called forever ice-jade crystal had a crack. The crack was spreading. It spread through the whole ice-jade crystal.


A sky full of crystal jade slices went everywhere. The crystallized Qin Xiu body shattered. Qin Xiu’s face appeared.

Qin Xiu was standing where he was. He did not move, but Moon God used her Cold Sutra’s sealing power at max. It was unable to hurt him.

“Qin Xiu is very powerful.” When Han Sen was able to use a geno art, and when he was the best at using Jadeskin, he was still inferior to Moon God.

Even Moon God’s attacks did not work on Qin Xiu. Han Sen’s Jadeskin would likely fail if he used it.

“Of course, you are strong. It is no wonder you look down on everything now.” Moon God was still very cold. The coldness in her eyes became colder.

“Thank you, Sister Moon,” Qin Xiu said. “If you want to do this again, just do it.”

“There is no point in you trying to provoke me this way,” Moon God coldly said. “I will return the Three Palm for Wan’er. Earlier was just the first one. There are another two to come.”

“If Sister Moon thinks this is fun, then not just three palm strikes will do. You can do 300 or even 3,000, and I will be happy to oblige.” Qin Xiu sounded oddly sincere.

“Hmph!” Moon God coldly grunted. She seemed to hate the things Qin Xiu was saying. Her hands, which looked like beautiful jade, were palming into Qin Xiu’s chest. This time, Moon God used her left hand.

This hand was completely different from the other hand. The palm from earlier was so cold and heartless that it froze everything. The main power was a cold sealing power.

Moon God’s second palm was not cold. The hand was like crystal or jade. It looked like it was carved out of the most beautiful jade stone statue.

The jade-looking palm cut through space. It destroyed the space it traversed. Wherever the hand touched, it was destroyed. The destructive powers were very strong. They were stronger than Han Sen’s reverse The Story of Genes.

“This palm is called Jade Shatter,” Moon God coldly said. When the palm went forward, its presence was felt across the universe.

The jade hand was on Qin Xiu’s black crystal armor. The black crystal armor was delivered a crack. Moon God’s jade palm went into the armor.

This was the first time Han Sen had seen a crack develop on the black crystal armor, but that palm was unable to break the black crystal armor. It only left a mark on it that was the shape of a hand.

Qin Xiu lowered his head and looked at the palm on his chest. He sighed. “Sister Moon, you are much stronger after being reincarnated. This Jade Shatter is something not even a sky full of God Spirits could repel. A god base would be instantly destroyed by this. I must say, I am looking forward to your third palm strike.”

While he spoke, the palm marking on the black crystal armor recovered.

Moon God ignored what he had said and coldly said, “There is no need for you to look forward to it because you will see it now.”

After that, Moon God reached out her hands. She did not unleash another palm at Qin Xiu. She put her hands together with her fingertips facing each other. She made a circular gesture in the air.

Moon God raised her hands. The hollow circular part was aimed at Qin Xiu. She coldly said, “This palm is called Moon Break.”

After Moon God said that, Qin Xiu’s face changed. Qin Xiu had been standing there the whole time, not moving an inch. Now, he was actively retreating.

He was too late. A buzzing noise sounded. A whole portion of space vanished where Qin Xiu was. It was like the time and space there had been dug away and deleted.

Qin Xiu had been a step too close. The black crystal armor on his arm had been eaten by the force of that power. Most of the arm armoring and the muscles of his arm had been torn off. They vanished with the collapsed part of space. It was like a big, scary, invisible mouth had ripped his arm off.

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