Super Power – Chapter 3418

Chapter 3418 Special Occasion

“I would like to practice with Bao’er, but I am afraid my body will not allow it,” Han Sen said with a wry smile. 

“I watched your fight with Moment God. Your body has evolved sufficiently to make use of the Cold Sutra.” As Moon God spoke, she checked Han Sen out.

“It is a rather difficult situation to explain. My body does have a problem though. I can only use the strength I need to use when I am provoked by adversarial powers. Usually, I am quite harmless.” Han Sen explained the situation to her.

When Moon God heard what he had to say, she frowned sternly and continued checking Han Sen out. Eventually, she said, “What you are saying is that you are stronger when you fight something stronger. As in, if the enemy is stronger, you will become stronger.”

“I guess that is what I meant.” Han Sen confirmed with a nod.

“I must confess, that is rather interesting. That means if I put power onto you, you will become as strong as me.” Moon God squinted her eyes. It was hard to determine what she was thinking about.

“I am not too sure about that because I do not know how strong I can become when I encounter strong opponents,” Han Sen said.


“In that case, let’s test your limits to the fullest. I can try to hit you three times.” Moon God tried this the moment she spoke. She had only just said that, and she had already used her palms to attack Han Sen.

That palm was the Ice attack she used before. Moon God’s palm quickly came near Han Sen, his body immediately became tense. His skin and bones became ice-jade crystals. He threw a palm out toward Moon God. The skill he used was like the Ice one Moon God had just used.

Two hands looked like icy jades, and they were quietly going to collide with each other. The temperature in the area was falling fast.

Wang Yuhang and Han Yufei retreated for a moment. If they weren’t fast enough, their bodies would be frozen by the sudden clash of frosty powers.

Han Sen’s and Moon God’s palms collided. An icy air arose from their hands. Han Yufei and Wang Yuhang, in much shock, noticed Moon God’s hands were coated in frost that was spreading all across her body.

Han Sen, on the other hand, was totally fine. No frost or icy air was harming him. He looked the same as he always did.

“Han Sen’s ice is better than Sister Moon’s ice.” Han Yufei was shocked by what she was witnessing, but she was also happy. “If my child has these sort of genes, I wonder how strong it will be ere the end.”

Moon God was shocked by this too. She was the one who created the Cold Sutra. Now, she was at the 100% ceiling of breaking the world. In that universe, many people were close to breaking the world but very few could maximize their Break World rate.

Han Sen’s ice was stronger than her Break World ice. Even Moon God could hardly believe this to be true.

“Let me try my Jade Shatter.” Moon God pulled back her hand. The palm of her other hand came rushing to strike Han Sen. She reduced her power output to the smallest so one could not feel the jade hand possess any power.

Moon God’s Jade Shatter was unleashed, so Han Sen’s body adjusted. He used the same skill she did. The same Jade Shatter was returned upon Moon God’s hand. The two white, jade-like hands palmed together. The power was small, so not much movement was created. Between the two hands, a fragment of space collapsed.


Moon God’s jade hand was delivered a crack. It was going to crack, yet Han Sen’s hands were totally fine.

“Even his Jade Shatter power is greater than Sister Moon.” Han Yufei was well and truly surprised by this.

Moon God was shocked too. She fell back and looked at her hands. She saw a few small lines. If she kept going, her hand would undoubtedly be shattered by Han Sen’s countering force.

“Your body is strong. Now, try and endure my Moon Break.” Moon God frowned. She did not believe Han Sen was able to use her best power to beat her.

The two hands collided to create a circular shape. The center had a focal point that was aimed at Han Sen. A scary power gathered up inside the hand-formed ring.

Almost at the same time, Han Sen did the same thing. He put his hands together in a circular shape and aimed at Moon God. There was a weird power inside his hands now.

A scary power exploded between Han Sen and Moon God. The space between them was like it was being consumed by an invisible and quiet monster.

They were 30 feet apart. After that moment, the two of them were standing next to each other. Their ringed hands combined.


Moon God’s hands were bounced away by some force of power. She took a few stumbled steps back to try and stabilize her body. She looked at Han Sen with a look of sheer disbelief. Her mouth could not utter a single word.

Han Yufei’s pretty eyes were whelmed by surprise. The more powerful Han Sen’s body was showcased how much stronger her own child would be.

After a while, Moon God could not help but ask, “What is up with your body?”

She could not believe Han Sen was able to beat her with what she was best at. She had never dreamed something like this could be possible.

“I want to know what happened to my body too.” Han Sen shrugged his shoulders. He looked as if he had been wronged or something.

Moon God looked as if she was thinking about something by the way she now peered at Han Sen. She addressed Han Yufei and said, “Yufei, you must have done some research on his body. Did you find anything out? What are the results?”

“I did research his body,” Han Yufei confessed.

“The results! You have to let me see them.” Moon God reached her hands out.

“Therein is a problem,” Han Yufei said while shaking her head. “There are no conclusive results.”

“What do you mean there weren’t any conclusive results?” Moon God asked with a frown.

After thinking a moment, Han Yufei said, “Do not look at me like that. There really was nothing to be discovered. His genes cannot be analyzed. I used the most advanced technology and power at my disposal, but nothing I tried seemed to work. His genes are like stones that cannot be broken by the mightiest tool. I do not have the answers we are all looking for. From what I am best able to tell, the evolution of San Mu’s genes has exceeded even Qin Xiu.”

“No way,” Moon God said with a frown.

“Why not?” Han Yufei asked.

“You co-operated with Qin Xiu. You should know his history. He has a Reboot God Spirit gene. His genes are atop a pyramid. Aside from Bao’er, not even Tai Yi can compete against him.” Moon God did not think Han Sen’s genes were as good as Qin Xiu’s.

“I do not think so. With evolution comes an innumerable number of possibilities. Qin Xiu’s genes are great, but you cannot deny the possibility that there exists another creature that is greater than he. Han Sen could seriously be the one.” Han Yufei doubled down on her own opinion.

Moon God looked at Han Sen weirdly. “There are special occasions where such a thing can come to pass, but these special occasions are all based on something. Han Sen does not have the genes of a past life. All of his evolution came from this life. To become better than Qin Xiu in such a short amount of time is too much.”

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