The Legendary Man Chapter 1374

Chapter 1374 Death Of Seboxia
“Is there a way to forcibly open it?” Jonathan furrowed his brows and spoke to Seboxia.
Upon hearing that, Seboxia slightly shook his head.
“That’s impossible. It’s like this small world; if you want to bypass the chaos portal to enter, I’m afraid you need at least the strength of a deity. Whether it’s a small world or a spirit animal sphere, they are actually just a box. The operating Rules within are the key. If you don’t have the key but insist on taking something out, it’s simply not possible. That means we must dismantle the entire box, and it has to be done without causing any damage. Otherwise, if we disrupt the Rules within, the box will be destroyed immediately, and there will be no chance to retrieve anything inside.” As Seboxia spoke, the spiritual energy forming his body kept fading as if he would dissipate at any moment.
“Seboxia…” Jonathan voiced his concerns with a hint of worry.
At that moment, Seboxia was quite indifferent. He gently clasped his hands together and gave a slight bow to Jonathan.
“Since the death of my true form, I have survived for over sixteen hundred years by the grace of this wooden coffin. I’ve been defying fate and going against the celestial enigma. Today, hearing your discourse on karma, I can finally let go of my obsessions. I will impart to you a mental spell. Consider it as my way of repaying you.” Seboxia spoke, slowly raising his right hand, then pointed a finger at the core of his heart.
Subsequently, lines of mental spells were continuously imprinted into Jonathan’s mind.

That was actually the plundering cultivation method comprehended by Seboxia’s spiritual energy form!

Although that cultivation method was based on life force, it was, after all, something comprehended by a great Divine Realm cultivator. Even without the impetus of life force, with just a slight modification, it could also become a tool for plundering spiritual energy and vitality.

However, that cultivation method was infinitely more exquisite than the one confiscated from the evil cultivator in Summerbank.

“Thank you for imparting your knowledge, Sir Seboxia,” Jonathan respectfully thanked Seboxia with a deep bow.

“You’re welcome,” Seboxia said to Jonathan in a calm tone.

“After my true form sealed me away, he must have left you with some instructions. Even though I’m not sure what he really said, you can trust him. After all, when he cast me out, he only left behind his most honest and upright side. This is where my journey ends. What lies ahead is up to your own fate.” With the final words spoken, Seboxia’s figure gradually dissipated. The spiritual energy that had been gathered also lost its restraint, slowly dispersing between heaven and earth.

Seboxia had died!

The legendary cultivator, who had escaped the ravages of time and Heavenly Pryncyp, met his end in the small world just like that.

Most people would expect a legend’s end to be earth-shattering.

In reality, in the world of cultivator, everyone was playing the dual roles of both the hunter and the prey.

While one climbed to the top by stepping on others, they should also remember that one day, they, too, would become the stepping stone for someone else to rise to fame.

Even if one possessed extraordinary talent and unparalleled luck, those great prodigies of cultivation could only awe the world for a moment. After all, no one could truly escape death.

Damoyed sat on the ground, chanting to send Seboxia on the latter’s final journey.

Jonathan threw Alec into the coffin and sealed it, waiting patiently on the spot for more than half an hour before Damoyed finally finished reciting the scriptures.

Looking at Jonathan, Damoyed’s eyes were filled with a deathly stillness.

Seboxiasm had been destroyed. Even though all Alec and his men demolished was only the core temple of Seboxiasm, that represented the very essence of the Seboxiasm doctrine.

Although there were branches of Seboxiasm everywhere in West Region and even all over the world, the sects in West Region were complex and diverse.

The other sects would not give up such a golden opportunity. They would inevitably divide and conquer Seboxiasm completely.

“I promised Sage not to kill you. You may leave now.” Damoyed spoke lightly to Jonathan.

Jonathan patted the wooden coffin, hoisting it onto his back, and fell into a long silence. “Actually, the flame of your Seboxiasm is not completely extinguished.”

Upon hearing that, Damoyed revealed a bitter smile. “Are you referring to those believers spread all over the world? Yes. It’s impossible for other sects to hunt down the followers of Seboxiasm all over the world. For a sect, the extinction of the Divine Realm cultivator is tantamount to annihilation. As fellow cultivators, we should understand that those mortal believers are merely derivative communities. Beyond embellishing the prosperity of the entire sect, they have no other practical use.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan let out a hearty laugh. “Seboxia once told me that he clings to me only for the Pryncyp of Slaughter that I have comprehended. You regard him as a god, but when you get down to it, he’s nothing more than an ancient spirit. The establishment of his sect was merely to adapt to the circumstances of an era over a thousand years ago, providing favorable conditions for his own cultivation. Seboxiasm’s doctrine is merely a force to be reckoned with, not some hodgepodge of beliefs. Perhaps you have it, but this is definitely not what Seboxia needed.”

As Jonathan spoke, he turned and began walking forward. “If you’re looking to revive the faith in Seboxiasm, I’m afraid I can’t be of any help. What you need is a genius in brainwashing. However, if you’re simply seeking to reclaim the power of Seboxiasm, I can responsibly tell you that Seboxia has left the seeds of his teachings in this small world. Approximately twenty thousand God Realm cultivators are currently hidden within the vast wilderness. If you wish to seek them, follow me.”

Damoyed was captured by Alec in West Region and was subsequently thrown into the spirit animal sphere and transported into a miniature world.

Damoyed had absolutely no understanding of the small world, let alone the formidable talents of the cultivators within it.

However, upon witnessing the relationship between Jonathan and Seboxia, Damoyed only hesitated briefly before choosing to believe.

With a hint of hesitation and a touch of excitement, Damoyed spoke. “Jonathan, are you sure it’s twenty thousand God Realm cultivators, not two?”

“Is twenty thousand a large number?” Jonathan said lightly. “Before I met you all, I was in the North Outer City with a few others. We were being hunted down by tens of thousands of God Realm cultivators. I only managed to escape after seizing the governor’s seal.”

Seboxia looked at the seal in Jonathan’s hand with a hint of disdain flashing in his eyes. “Since I’ve chosen to trust you, you should be honest with me. Speaking in riddles like this does nothing to help our trust in each other.”
Jonathan threw out a map, pointing to the location of Mountain Village. “I never lie. People from this village regard Sir Seboxia as their benefactor. As long as you find these villagers, your Seboxiasm can make a comeback.”
Seboxia looked at the map and fiddled with it back and forth a few times, but couldn’t find a single point of reference at all. “Are you sure this map isn’t just doodled?”

“No!” Jonathan said lightly, standing by the Colstrax river.

Damoyed looked ahead at the river, whose opposite bank was out of sight, a look of difficulty crossing his face. “Where should we go now?”

Jonathan felt the powerful auras in the water and slightly furrowed his brows. “We need to find a way to cross the river!”

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